Incremental vs Iterative


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PMI's CCR program is bing updated


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Category C: Self directed Learning : Most free PDUs


Category C: Self directed Learning provides an easy way to earn PDUs for free.

Learning may include informal activities such as:
• reading articles, books, or instructional manuals;
• watching videos
• having formal discussions with colleagues, coworkers, clients or consultants;
• being coached or mentored by a colleague, coworker or consultant

1 PDU is awarded for every 1 hour spent in a self-directed learning activity listed in this category.

You just need to make sure that you document each of these activities completed and claimed for PDUs. You might be asked to provide the documentary evidence for the PDUs you are claiming.

Write down name of activity, hours spent, PDUs claimed, the reference or the details of the activity completed (URL, book/course name), in a word doc or an excel sheet format and send by mail to PMI in case you are asked to provide these details.

Easily earn free PMP PDU by being a volunteer


Under Category E for earning PDUs, you can earn free PMP PDUs , by just becoming a member of your local project management association.
You earn 1 PDU for each hour of service. The local PM chapters or association also conduct time to time sessions on Project Management related development and talks. You earn PDU for each such session that you attend.

Earn 30 free PDUs


Just found this and seems to be really good source for earning PDUs for free to manitain your PMP credentials -

Earn 30 free PDUs with The PM Podcast

All you have to do is just subscribe to their PM podcasts and listen through it for an hour.
Then simply claim 1 PDU for each hour of podcast that you have attended.

This can be claimed under category C of PMP PDUs.  The process for claiming the PMP PDUs have been explained at the above link.

Click here to see details about the categories.

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